How I Help Businesses

E-commerce and Multichannel Retailers

I love e-commerce. I have worked with companies creating tiny new e-commerce sites and the giants of e-commerce.

Startups with Great Ideas

Startups have a unique opportunity: you can build customer focus into your organization from the start. I can help you establish a language and a set of processes to embed customer focus—and all of its benefits!—into your company from the very beginning.

Established Web and Product Teams

If you are part of a web or product team that has been around for a while and needs a fresh set of ideas for a new site or product, or if you are part of a new team that's trying to create at atmosphere of organized innovation, or if you are trying to foster better communication between multiple organizations in your company, I can help.

Consulting Agencies

I bring unique customer-centered design expertise and methods to every client and project. I am not, and don't want to be, an agency. But I do welcome inquiries for partnerships with agencies on a project basis.

Venture Capitalists

You do technical due-diligence as a matter of course, and I can help you do customer experience due diligence to evaluate new businesses in a new way. Once you have invested in a young company, I can help you help them revamp their products' customer experience and build customer centrism into their company.

Businesses I've Helped

Why No Case Studies?

Because my work is almost always confidential, I am unable to share case studies on my site. If you are interested in how my experience can help you with your needs, contact me. I can also provide client references and you can talk with others I've helped in the past.

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By the way…

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There is not as much content on this landing page as on the main page for "what I do." Isn't this inconsistent? Yes, but not nearly as inconsistent if I had, for example, chosen to describe how I help all different types of businesses on one page. It would have fit. But consistency in site structure helps customers know where they are and where they can go, and that's critical.