What I Do

After working in customer-centered design for over 15 years, I've developed a collection of persona, information architecture, user experience, and human-centered design services that can focus your entire company on understanding who your customers are, what they want, and how you can design excellent experiences into every encounter they have with your products and your brand. I take a holistic and practical approach to integrating customer insights into your business strategy, product and web site design and software development processes. And, believe it or not, we can do this without costly research - more often than not you already have the data. My processes will help you get more out of the information you already own.

Analysis, Evaluation & Persona Services

Lots of companies collect enormous amounts of data and believe that this allows them to ‘know’ their customers. The challenge for businesses today is how to bring customer data to life in a meaningful way that can actually help the business. My analysis, evaluation, persona services are designed to help you take a fresh look at your existing research and use key learnings to improve your customer understanding, products and services.

Strategy, Design & Redesign Services

Understanding issues and gathering insights is not an end unto itself. True, you can use these insights to fix localized problems on your site or to inform strategic decisions, but it’s more difficult to combine insights, business goals, and brand goals to create a web site or product that your customers will love. I can assess problems, ideas, business goals, and branding objectives together from your customers’ perspective to give you fresh insights and new ideas for your products.

Books & Articles

In April 2006, John Pruitt and I published a leading book on the use of personas as part of a truly customer-focused design and development process. The Persona Lifecycle: Keeping People in Mind throughout Product Design is fast becoming the how-to reference ‘bible’ in the field. Check out a description of the book, plus some of the reviews. You can also explore assorted articles and some new blog projects.


As a spirited and organized presenter, I can help you get everyone on the same page. Whether I create two full-day seminars or participate on a panel, I believe in intensive preparation. Check out archives of previous presentation, schedules for future appearances, and ways you can request a presentation for your own business, school, or conference.

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Some of the services I offer are the same as other consultants', and some are different. What's the biggest mistake most web sites make? Not putting clear value propositions and differentiators on the home pages! Your services and products may be obvious to you, but they aren't obvious to your customers.